Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update on Last Week's WIPs

All I've been working on is the sweater, so I don't have much new to report. But! I did take more pictures last week. And while I'm not even farther on the sweater (I only have about 10 rounds to go on the body, and then I need to add the hems to the sleeves and weave in 4,000 ends), this one shows an actual sweater starting to form:

Updated Tubey in Progress

As a bonus, the finished mittens from last week are sitting there, as well!

Also, here's a picture of the Cherry Leaf shawl in progress:

Upated Cherry Leaf Shawl in Progress

I haven't touched it in more than a week (it still sits just as you see it in the picture, at 15 repeats of the Cherry Leaf pattern), but it's going to be getting some attention just as soon as I finish the sweater.

For my next sweater, I'm thinking of joining The Loopy Ewe Dream in Color Classy Sweater KAL, but Classy isn't available in any colors that I want right now, so I have to wait until mid-March. I'm still trying to find the perfect sweater pattern-color combination.

And in case you thought I was just going to tell you uninteresting things about projects I've already discussed in detail, here's some new(ish) yarn! The February Yarn Pirate Booty Club shipment arrived two weeks ago:

Yarn Pirate Merino/Tencel in I Want Candy

It's the Merino/Tencel blend, and the color is called I Want Candy, in case you cannot see it. It was totally perfect for February/Valentine's Day, but unexpected all the same!


At February 27, 2008 12:02 PM, Blogger 3goodrats said...

Tubey is looking great - I love the colors!


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