Sunday, April 08, 2007

Friday Harbor Socks

Kristen's birthday was yesterday, and I am continuing to fulfill my promise of knitting socks for all of my friends as birthday presents this year:

Friday Harbor Socks

Pattern: Knitting on the Road
Yarn: Schaeffer Anne, 1 skein (The Loopy Ewe called this color Summer Afternoon, but it's potluck, like all Schaeffer Anne)
Needles: US 2 (yarn held doubled)
Project Timeline: 2/24/07 - 3/8/07

It took me awhile to figure out what to make for Kristen. I had wanted to use a skein of Sunshine Yarns that I had (which is now currently in progress as a pair of socks for me), but Herb said his fuzzed up quite a bit in the laundry, and I want to see if it's him or the yarn before I give someone else a pair of socks from that yarn. So I thought Schaeffer Anne would be a good choice for Kristen - it comes in lots of bright colors and the Schaeffer Yarn Company is located in Interlaken, NY (Kristen went to RIT so she has an appreciation for the Finger Lakes region, as I do).

Now for a pattern for the lovely skein of yarn I got... Anne is both bright and made of mohair, so something complicated was out (no use spending all that time on a pattern that will be obscured after a few washes). But I didn't want boring. I thought the Friday Harbor pattern would be good, but it called for a much thicker yarn, and I did not feel like totally adapting the pattern... and it occurred to me that I could double the Anne! Now, this whole thing was an experiment, because the whole time I thought I was going to run out of yarn and have to start over. But, the yardage on the Anne held up (550 yards means 275 yards doubled), and the socks knit up really fast.

There is a nice little lace pattern on the sock:

Friday Harbor Socks

The sock was easy enough that I'm not going to care if you can't see the pattern after awhile, though.

The one thing I will change when I do these socks again (because I will make myself a pair - I even have a great skein of Anne for it) is the toe. I do not have elf feet, and the toe of the sock just wasn't comfortable on my feet. I told Kristen I would reknit the toes if she wanted me to (she wears the same size shoe as me, but her feet are a little wider) but she says the socks fit great, so I'm not complaining. I think this one was called a rounded toe and the one from the RPM socks is called a pointed toe - maybe it's the other way around, but I would definitely substitute the RPM toe on these socks.


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