Friday, April 27, 2007

New Project: Cropped cardigan with leaf ties

I am making this sweater to wear with a green dress I have to Scott and Julie's wedding. I say I'm going to knit things all the time, and, well, if it isn't a pair of socks, it probably doesn't get done (and even then, I have TONS in queue). A lot of times it's a matter of acquiring yarn, and then having enough things off the needles to put something new on. But! I'll probably finish my sister's shawl this weekend (at least the knitting part, I still need to acquire buttons). And I have 12 skeins (meant for two different projects that I may or may not one day go back to) of Knit Picks Andean Silk in cream that I think would be perfect. So this one is getting swatched and casted on this weekend.

I'm hoping to make a few modifications. Nothing major - I want to lengthen the sweater (I think short things make me look too boxy) and make the sleeves longer, maybe full-length, I'm not sure. Here's hoping I have enough yarn!


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