Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rockin' Sock Club

I finished my Monsoon Inside Out socks several weeks ago:

Inside Out Socks

Pattern: Inside Out, from Blue Moon Fiber Arts (Rockin' Sock Club February Pattern)
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight, Monsoon, 1 skein
Needles: US 1.5 (toe, sole, heel, first repeat of cuff) and US 2 (rest of cuff)
Project Timeline: 3/10/07 - 4/5/07

In both the above picture and the next one, I have shown one sock right side out and one sock inside out. Here they are on my feet:

Inside Out Socks

I liked this pattern, and I'm happy with the color. I really liked the garter stitch toe and heel, and the ribbing all the way around the sock. The cables I'm not entirely sure on, but they look nice on this sock. One thing I did that I may go back and change later on is that I knit the first pattern repeat on the cuff on Size 1s before going up to Size 2 needles. They are nice and snug on, but it's hard to get to that point (and hard to take them off). I'll probably leave that for the fall or something, though (I think I have enough yarn left over to do that and keep them with the same number of cables).

I attempted to do these two at a time, using Magic Loop. It was going pretty well, until towards the end of the sole when my yarn ball fell apart (I knit from both sides of the skein) and I had to start knitting them one at a time. Since I don't have a scale, and don't feel like investing in one, I will probably have to do socks one at a time with one-skein projects, since I wouldn't be able to evenly split the skein. No problem, at least I tried. I think that while doing the socks two at a time is nice in that you don't have that "I finished a sock! Ohh, but now I have to make second one. :-(" feeling, it went slower than my normal knitting.

My goal with the club was to knit all of the club colors with the patterns they come with. I do not think it's cheating to use Magic Loop instead of DPN or 2 circs, and there are some (minor) modifications that are necessary (sewn bind-off on the Inside Outs, for example). But all in all, I want to try different things and be exposed to new methods. I had not planned on finishing any of them in any sort of timeline, but since I did finish these so quickly, I am now making it a goal to finish each club kit before the next one comes.

And yesterday I got this:

Rockin' Sock Club - April

I haven't seen anyone else post a picture of this yet, so here's the skein of Silkie Socks That Rock in Walking on the Wild Tide opened up:

Rockin Sock Club - April (Open Skein)

I think the new base yarn is really soft, and I like the color... I just don't know that I'm a fan of the different colors of the different plies. Ahh well. The pattern looks easy but challenging (toe up, with a reverse heel flap) and has a knee high version. I've been wanting to make knee highs, but haven't found a pattern I like enough to take the plunge. So we'll see how I'm liking the sock at the end of "regular" height, and maybe I'll wind up picking up an extra skein of this to make knee highs.


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