Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Knitting Books Don't Count in a Yarn Diet, Right?

I bought a knitting book yesterday. I had vowed not to buy anything knitting related while I wait for my passport, but I couldn't resist! I bought Folk Knitting in Estonia from an Amazon Seller. It says the book is in new condition, and the price is right, plus I have developed a strong love for anything Nancy Bush (I already own Folk Socks, Knitting on the Road and my favorite, Knitting Vintage Socks). I can't wait for it to arrive - the patterns I've seen from it are beautiful, and folks on the internet seem to think it's a real treasure to read.

Yesterday and Monday I seamed up the sleeves on the Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties (which is not cropped, and has full-length sleeves). I probably should have blocked my swatch before knitting this, because it definitely grew with a washing. But I think it'll work. I had done very little mattress stitch up until the other night, and I must say, I'm really happy with my seams. Tonight I'm going to start tacking down the hems - not sure how much I'll get through - and then the next step is the leaf ties/i-cord edging. I'm hoping to add a crochet edging to the two unfinished edges in time for the wedding I'm going to next weekend (which I should probably try and book a hotel room for...). Success with mattress stitch makes me want to knit more sweaters - it really wasn't that scary!

Assuming I remember to bring it to work tomorrow and therefore get it in the mail, there will be pictures of Convertible tomorrow (everything is all set to go, I just forgot it this morning).


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