Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mystery Stole #3 - Nearing the End

Here's a shot of the first part of the "wing" on my Mystery Stole (a.k.a Clue #5), finished more than a week ago:

Mystery Stole #3 - Clue #6

I really like that the wing actually looks feathery!

I have finished Clue #6, and Clue #7 (the last one) gets posted tomorrow. I will try and get one last progress shot of the shawl before I begin Clue #7, but since I'll be away this weekend and I need to move the shawl to a bigger circular, this probably won't happen until next week.

I'll miss this shawl - I've really enjoyed working on it. Luckily, I have several projects lined up (and the yarn to go with a lot of them) that will be of the lace variety, most of which are from Victorian Lace Today. I can't wait!


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