Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Solstice Slip

And here's another pair of socks! I don't actually finish projects as quickly as my posts this week would suggest, I'm just behind. :-) I am happy to be posting this one now, because the next club package should be shipping out next week, and I need proof that I finished these socks before that package.

The Solstice Slip - 2 of 3

Pattern: Blue Moon Fiber Arts (Rockin' Sock Club June Pattern)
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight, Firebird, 1 skein
Project Timeline: 7/11/07 - 7/26/07

This is probably my favorite of the BMFA club colors so far - I just love anything red. I do wish my particular skein had more white in it, but that's okay - plus, this may be the only color I buy an EXTRA skein of, just because I love it so much.

I thought that of all the Socks That Rock weights (Lightweight, Mediumweight, Heavyweight), I was going to like the Mediumweight the best. This was my first skein of Lightweight, though, and it turns out I was wrong - I ADORE the Lightweight. It is slightly heavier than than most other sockyarns I've used, but still works up well on my Knit Picks US 1.5 circular (which I use for pretty much all of my socks). It's tightly spun AND supersoft. Plus, there are yummy Blue Moon colors at a price point lower than a lot of the indie dyers (that I still adore, of course). I have a couple more skeins of the Lightweight in my stash, and I can't wait to knit them up.

This pattern was pretty simple, and worked up quickly. We were given a toe-up and a top-down option, and I chose to go toe-up, since that was the original intention of the pattern designer (at least according to the Dyer's Notes). I really enjoyed the mini-gusset with the garter stitch short-row heel. I'm happy that so far in each of three club patterns, I've learned something new (garter-stitch short row heel and toe, toe-up with gusset, mini-gusset with short-row heel).

Each of these socks has a mistake, although they are hard to spot. On the first sock, I didn't cross one set of stitches on the first half of the first repeat. I didn't notice it until I was already all the way up the foot, and it just wasn't worth dropping all the way down and fixing. On the second sock, I left out the last row before the heel, but didn't realize until after I was done with the heel, so... yeah, not going back to fix that, and just did all of the cable crossing one row early. But there's also a little design feature that I added in myself - the cables actually zig in opposite directions on each sock, so there's sort of a left sock and right sock. Neither my two mistakes or my design feature are noticeable, though, even in a close-up shot.

The Solstice Slip - 3 of 3


At August 16, 2007 10:25 AM, Blogger Shauna said...

You're right! I don't see any mistakes at all :-) Beautiful socks!

At August 16, 2007 4:39 PM, Blogger Lizzardie said...

Thank goodness for that! They bother me, of course, but just not enough to fix them!


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