Monday, July 16, 2007

Mystery Stole #3 - Clue 2

I don't actually like posting WIP pictures. It's not fun for me to take the time to lay out the project so that what I'm doing is visible. And typically by the time I get the pictures uploaded, I'm way past the point I was at, anyway, and I don't want to write about things that may or may not be relevant anymore. :-)

I did commit myself to posting pictures of the Mystery Stole #3 (which is the first one for me, so it's a little weird to write that all the time). But... I'm behind. :-) I didn't "pose" the shawl until Saturday, when I was getting ready to start knitting Clue #3. But now I'm all caught up, and I took the time to get a shot of the stole yesterday (after I finished knitting Clue #3), so I will post that one tomorrow.

So, after two clues we have:

Mystery Stole #3 Progress #2

I took the time with this shot and the one I have tomorrow to not only use the blocking wires, but also to put the stole on a darker background. I am not sure if that background will be available much longer, though, because it's a chair! I'm thinking that next time I'll throw a dark blanket on my bed, because the shawl just didn't show up well against the light green sheets.

I am still enjoying the shawl. Both last weekend and this weekend I alternated knitting on the shawl with work, which made the shawl a nice break for me. The last two clues have consisted of 50 rows, so I broke that into 5 "sections". Each section took me a little less than an hour (my knitting probably would go quicker if I didn't watch TV while doing it).

I'm also making quite a bit of progress on The Solstice Slip socks - I'm partway through the cuff on the first sock. After about five inches of cuff (I think I'm at two), I will probably set the first sock aside, and knit the second sock to that point, and THEN decide exactly how high I want these to go. The pattern is not as much fun as before now that it goes all the way around the sock - this week I may alternate pattern repeats on the socks with pattern repeats on the shawl I've been neglecting since I started the mystery shawl. :-)

And the Pomatomus socks are washed and blocked - I just need to get up early enough one of these mornings to take pictures before work.


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