Monday, November 05, 2007

Making New Friends

I went to a Stitch 'n Bitch Thursday night at Bloc 11, which is in Union Square, Somerville, MA (near where I live). The SnB was organized on Ravelry, and there were about nine people there, including Shauna, who comments frequently. I had a really nice time, which was a little surprising to me, mostly because I have a lot of trouble meeting new people. This was really comfortable, though - it was nice to meet people I only know from the internet (who are not axe murderers!) and to be able to talk about knitting things in a place where people actually understand what I'm saying! There was also a lot of knitting happening, too, which was nice, because that's what I would be doing at home anyway! I will definitely be going back.

In other news, I've made some good progress on the Colorful Waves throw, and I think I'm about two-thirds done (or more, depending on where I run out of yarn). The pictures are not very interesting, because it just... gets bigger. At one point last weekend I wove in all of the ends so far, and since then have been weaving in as I go - weaving in a set of ends every time I finish a color repeat (25 rows). This is making me feel much better about my progress! The nice thing is that the afghan is big enough now that it keeps me warm while I'm knitting it, and I sometimes throw it on me even when I'm working on something else, because it's so cozy! Who cares that I have live stitches! :-)

Also in progress: I'm about 75% done with the Summer of Love Lace socks and about 50% done with my dad's Irish Hiking Scarf (that moves pretty quickly when I actually work on it). I also have a couple of recently completed projects that just need some nice photographs (the rectangular stole from Victorian Lace Today and my Southwestern Socks). Hopefully I'll be able to get to those soon!


At November 06, 2007 5:12 PM, Blogger Betty said...

Hi swap pal - I see that if I do a scarf for the Loopy Ewe Swap I should make sure it is long and wide. Can you give me more definite measurements (at least how long and how wide?) What is your favorite yarn for socks? Thanks - Please respond to

At November 07, 2007 1:46 PM, Blogger Shauna said...

I agree that weaving in the ends gives you that extra boost you need to keep going. That's how I felt about Clapotis when I kept up with dropping the stitches all the way.

See you tomorrow night!!


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