Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I won a very special contest

I recently won this yarn in a contest:

I have quite a few knitting blogs on my RSS feed, and several of them started talking about Claudia's MS Ride. She was trying to raise as much money as possible to show how generous knitters can be. As incentive, she offered a TON of prizes that would be raffled off after the bike ride. Well, I finally got around to donating sometime in mid-June, and I ended up winning something!

This skein of undyed, 75% wool, 25% bamboo sock yarn is courtesy of Holly and came all the way from Germany!

And even better than that, Claudia raised more than $40,000 for Multiple Sclerosis. Thank you, Claudia, for doing the ride, and thank you, Holly, for the wonderful prize. :-)


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