Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Even more yarn....

I still have packing to do, so this is going to be short. :-)

My September package from the Chewy Spaghetti Blue Plate Special Sock Club was even nicer than the August one!

Chewy Spaghetti Blue Plate Special - September

The color of the yarn is Alluring, and I really, really love it (and the first color from this club could potentially be knit up during my trip, which starts tomorrow night!). We also got a sample of Soak, a tin of mints, a sheep bath fizzy that smells like coconuts from Daisy Cake Soaps (which I love), and a lingerie bag for washing hand knit socks. So cute! (The plastic bag has the sheep bath fizzy - it broke in half and was getting white powder all over the place, but trust me, it's cute.)

I also managed to snag 4 skeins of Wollmeise at The Loopy Ewe yesterday (my budget did NOT need that), but those will be arriving while I'm on vacation, so pictures when I get back!


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